Volunteer with us

Volunteer with Us

Do you believe in giving back and have the possibility to do so? We are always looking for people who want to help our community grow and reach more people. Get in touch!

We’re able to help and support so many women thanks to the work and generosity of our amazing volunteers. There are multiple ways you could contribute!

Currently, we are looking for people who can help us with the following:



As we are not a registered charity, we do not receive any government funding or are eligible for grants, we require resources and money to run our workshops and training therefore we are looking for people who can help us run our fundraising events to raise money toward the daily operation of Reach Her.

Hosting a workshop

We provide a 2-hour Business training workshops and Art & Meditation workshops to not only provide them with industry knowledge which increases their self-esteem and in turn create a sense of wellbeing. Our workshops are held in a friendly and supportive environment and aim to develop our participants’ skills in a learn-by-doing manner. We believe that by taking an active part in our community and programs, participants can develop the skills needed to navigate the Australian job market with confidence.

These workshops are conducted by professionals and industry leaders on a pro-bono basis. If you have a skill or knowledge that is relevant to our community, and you are keen to share it with us, please contact us.

Industry Mentors/coaches – Industry connections lead

We are looking for industry mentors/coaches who can offer their time to provide pro bono or in-kind individual or group coaching to our group of women to teach them business skills.

You don’t fit on our list?

If you have an idea of how you could support and work for our community, please get in touch with us. Send us a message via info@reach-her.com and tell us a little bit about you and your skills, so we can work together on how you could fit into our community.


No time to volunteer but want to help our cause, consider making a donation, every donation big or small helps.